Our Nursery Rooms

Each age-group has a dedicated, carefully designed with the children in mind to enhance their development, learning and exploration. 

We welcome children from the age of 4 months to 5 years. Our nursery environment in Lingfield is the perfect haven for all children to develop, grow and flourish. We prepare our children for life and their next steps.


Our Owl Room

Babies:  4 – 19 Months


A happy place for Babies. We realise that looking after a baby is a full time job in itself. Parents who also go out to work really do have an extremely busy life. The facilities at Lingfield Nursery School are therefore intended to make your life as easy as possible.

Babies and families are welcomed into our light, spacious room where we provide the perfect introduction to nursery life. Babies can join us from four months of age where we have a comfortable ratio of one to every three children in our care. Our baby room consists of two areas for the children, to enjoy and learn, one for our non walkers and one for the rising twos. We also have a very quiet and dark sleeping area for the children to rest.


Our Robins Room

Toddlers: 20 Months - 2.4 Years


Our nursery room is a fun filled and energetic room, full of stimulating activities planned around the children’s observations. In our nursery room we follow a simple daily routine to meet all of the children’s individual needs and the wishes of our parents and carers.

We provide many stimulating activities for your child to take part in, music, dancing, relaxation, cooking, painting and messy play. Our planned activities are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage using the environments both inside and out as we value the importance of outdoor play. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in our large outside area. Child participation is also nurtured with exciting group activities including singing and story time.

To make your nursery experience easier we also provide nappies, wipes and sun cream. However, when your child is ready to start toilet training our experienced team is on hand to assist you and your child wherever possible.

Baby Care Lingfield

Our baby room offers a wonderful sensorial experience full of textures, light and creativity where our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of quality materials and resources to stimulate and inspire their young developing minds.

We provide formula milk to all children under the age of one. Cows milk is offered to all children ages one and above. If you are breast feeding, arrangements can be made for expressed milk to be left with us, in sterile bottles clearly labelled with your child’s name. To make your nursery experience easier we also provide nappies and wipes and sun cream.


Our Puffins Room

Toddlers: 2.5 Years - 3.3 Years


From the moment your child joins us at Lingfield Nursery School they will have the opportunity to thrive in an environment which encourages their creativity, independence, confidence, determination and a joy of exploring.

Our nursery room is spacious, with lots of natural light and fresh air providing a very comfortable environment. Children join the nursery room at 2 years and we have a ratio of one adult to every four children in our care.


Our Kingfisher Room

Fun and learning for pre-school. Children have a natural love of learning. Our belief is that this should be carefully nurtured to help them realise their full potential and this is achieved through a wide range of educational activities.


3.4 + Years

The children are supported and encouraged in a staff ratio of one adult to every eight children, to make healthy choices and develop their own independent skills by self selection of toys and materials. Free flow opportunities into the garden help your child develop self confidence, stretch their imagination and build their esteem to ensure they are well prepared for their new life at school. Your child’s key worker will get to know their interests, abilities, likes and dislikes, ensuring when planning with the curriculum, their full learning potential is maximised.


Our Preschool Lingfield

 Observations on your child’s development are recorded with photographs in their Preschool Learning Journal; parents or carers are able to look at these at any time and we hold regular parents evenings where parents or carers can go through these journals in more detail with the child’s key person.

Sooner or later all our pupils have to leave us. The transition from nursery school to “big school” is a huge step, and we do our utmost to prepare the children for it, ensuring they are looking forward to this next stage in their lives with confidence.

We aim to work closely with other settings your child may attend and we will endeavour to link with your child’s primary school to make his/her transition to school as smooth as possible.