Our Nursery Farm

Children who love animals will love being at Lingfield Nursery School!

Our friendly family of animals are a constant presence and love to be made a fuss of by the children. We feel that the animals, apart from being a real source of fun and interest, add tranquility to the school’s environment and have a real purpose in your child’s learning and development. Here, they can get to understand and respect the animals and learn the importance of looking after them.


Our Animals

Our animals are safe and friendly around young children; however there will always be adult supervision when the animals and children are together. But what fun when they do! Every animal has its own individual personality and the children soon pick out their own special favourites. It could be our goat or our friendly Alpacas. The children get the opportunity to feed the animals under supervision.

As you enter the nursery you will be greeted by chickens, guinea pigs, our cat, donkey and shetland pony. We also have tropical fish inside our nursery. At Lingfield Nursery School, we also say hello to our neighbours (4 friendly horses), and the children love to spend time with the horses.

We employ a trained animal carer to ensure our animals are well looked after, clean and happy. We observe strict hygiene when the children and staff touch the animals, using antibacterial hand gel outside and once inside washing our hand thoroughly in the sinks.


The Environment

At Lingfield Nursery School we are very proud of our wide range of outside facilities. We are situated on 14 acres of beautiful countryside, where the children can run and be free. We have 3 fantastic outdoor areas, that are frequently used as an outside learning environment come rain or shine. Our play field hosts a very large sandpit, music station, climbing area and swings. Not to mention our paddling pools, parachutes and other resources which are frequently used. We have a large playground which is covered in wet pour (Safety surface) this is to protect the children from bumps and grazes should they fall over.

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Our Nursery Rooms

Each age-group has a dedicated, carefully designed with the children in mind to enhance their development, learning and exploration. 


Outside Environment

Here at Lingfield Nursery School we value the importance of outside play. We believe our 3 outside play areas helps the children to explore and develop in a secure environment, and our large outside environment enables us to hold a variety of outside events such as summer open days, sports events and a leavers party for the children who leave for the ‘big school’. These events provide us with opportunities to use our very own bouncy castle.

Extensive Opportunities

There are extensive opportunities for children to explore and investigate the world around them. Our younger children explore making marks in interesting ways, using paint and items, such as wellington boots. Older children explore complex ideas, such as investigating what happens when they create pictures with coloured ice lollies. 

All the staff are friendly and helpful I have complete trust leaving my daughter with them every ounce of information is given at pickups and we get her record every month or so to review her progress etc. I have used a different nursery for my other daughter and Lingfield is a million times better, price, opening times and flexibility. Absolutely everything. I couldn't rate it any more highly!

Parent 2020


Security & Webcams

Our web cam facility is another feature we are very proud of.

We realise that when your child goes away to nursery for the first time it can sometimes be an emotional experience as well as a positive one, on both sides. We offer a webcam service for our parents for reassurance that their child is having a good time. However, the web cam makes everything more reassuring. 

The protection software for the webcam is of the highest security for the safety of the children. These days security is uppermost in every parent’s mind, so naturally it is of huge importance to us too. Such a large site requires careful monitoring, which is why we have installed CCTV at the school and in the grounds. Through these we can monitor the premises at all times.

For added security the main gate to the farm and the school front door are electronic. All parents and staff have individual key fobs that control access through both gate and door ensuring that everything is as secure as possible.