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We hope that you have seen all that we have to offer at Lingfield Nursery School.

We hope it has helped you to make the right choice for your child, and look forward to perhaps meeting you and your child in person.

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Monday to Friday: 7.30am - 6pm

Bank Farm, Ray Lane, Blindley Heath, Lingfield, RH7 6LJ


Quality Childcare Lingfield

Staff are inspirational role models and children are exceptionally polite and behave impeccably. For instance, even babies sign 'thank you' with great confidence. Children have outstanding opportunities to challenge their physical abilities, such as competently using ladders. Babies use the excellent equipment to explore different ways of moving, such as controlling their bodies as they bounce and try to balance on the bouncy castles. Children develop an excellent understanding of healthy lifestyles. For example, they are extremely keen to grow and try their own healthy produce, such as aubergines. Children of all ages make outstanding progress from their starting points. Older children gain impressive early writing skills. They independently write their first names and surnames. Children have extremely good opportunities to learn about the natural world. For example, they have an exceptionally active role in caring for the vast range of animals with incredible levels of responsibility and maturity, such as grooming the donkeys .